penta water primed to relaunch the brand

When I was a kid I remember marveling at people who would pay money to buy bottled water. It just didn’t make sense to me that people would shell out for otherwise free water simply because it was in a bottle. You could put it in a bottle yourself if you wanted!

I still don’t really get it, especially after revelations that much of the bottled water market is tap water in attractive packaging, though I do buy Poland Spring once in while.

When one of my friends started telling me about this new bottled water Penta, which is around $45 a case (compared to $4.99 on deal for Poland Spring), I thought that he was completely crazy.

Penta Bottles

Apparently, Penta is specifically engineered as ultra-purified antioxidant water with no additives that hydrates better and provides better antioxidant benefits than even antioxidant fortified water because of some scientifically-proven process. At $45 a case it better.

Circle One of Norwalk, CT is, as reported in Brandweek, currently completing the $4 million campaign that will be the brand’s biggest to date.

Even though functional waters are hot right now, Circle One has their work cut out for them. The high price point, intangible benefits and the fact that Coke and Pepsi are throwing their weight into the segment (which is good in some ways because it builds the category, but bad for obvious reasons) make it a challenging time to relaunch the brand.

At least they already have one brand loyalist in my crazy buddy and he isn’t shy in singing Penta’s praises.

It’s a start.


4 responses to “penta water primed to relaunch the brand

  1. blakedrivegirl

    It seems to me that $45 a case is excessive no matter what, unless it is
    ‘the fountain of youth’ in a bottle. Who is this circle one? Are there many agencies in that part of CT?

  2. Apparently, when scientists bathe a skin cell in Penta water it ages slower than with regular water. So maybe it is “the fountain of youth in a bottle.” Which would be well worth $45 a case (says this observer after finding a first gray hair today).

  3. Been drinking Penta off and on for years. I have Fibromyalgia and I can tell you it is great for energy and boosts it as well as helping my pain and losing weight. Do not know how it works but it does. I will not drink regular well water unless I have to. Expensive it is and I believe it probably does not need to be this expensive but it is and it works.

  4. We continuously need to detoxify our bodies from harmful toxins, heavy metals, radio-active elements, and free radicals since we are exposed to them daily.

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