You can contact me at dailybizblog (at) yahoo.

But only if you have something good to say. I get enough hate mail from prospective girlfriends as it is, I don’t really need yours.

11 responses to “contact

  1. You need my hate mail. If anyone is going to deliver hate mail to you, it is going to be me.
    Geen bejaded schadelik billen clown. Fun times on the blog. A few quality moments of hilarity. And I must admit to also being shocked, and slightly appalled, at your moments of melancholy. I mean seriously, can’t you just ask this lovely lady out on a date? Need some creative ideas or what? Play on playa. But seriously, stay away from the MA girls. Not fun. Not fun times at all!

  2. Thanks for the write up. That was awesome. You have been watching my moves 🙂

    Did you send in your portfolio yet?

    What name should I be watching for?

    Have a fabulous Friday!


  3. Hi there.

    I’m a recruiter hired by WPP to work on staffing Davinci. They are indeed using consultants.
    The website that you referred to in your article is NOT the external website. It’s not up yet.
    If it’s okay, may I send over my work email address where people can send resumes? It’s an option to

    Email me back when you get a moment and let me know.

    Many thanks


  4. I returned your email about ad:tech. Did you get it?

  5. hi there –

    i too was fortunate enough to spend some time at 50 south 6th, and actually 901 Marquette before that, before things went south for MPLS. Just curious if you’re who I think you are. Will keep your secret identity, well, secret.

  6. missing_article

    Where’d the “Republican in Advertising” article disappear to? Hoping you weren’t your friend and just outed yourself as a righty in House of Biz. Far worst things have happened and if they heart the other guy so much, just tell them they should buy t-shirts with his face on it, talk about the talk of change he is talking of but providing little in the way of execution, and talk down to anyone who doesn’t want to live in socialism…oh wait, they already are.

    Put the article back up, so its not just the feed readers to that get it.

  7. Got to love Dr. Pepper. Their latest? Go from 24 oz bottles to 16.9 oz bottles and charge 3 cents more per oz. How stupid do they think we are?

  8. Dawn Tinsley

    DaB –
    Where are your posts from earlier today? Your readers want to know what you’ve been up to. Strange that they were there and then not. What brings you back? Other than the double boom.

  9. whats the problem w the Avatars on WP? I hate those chiklets …

    What an article, wanted to share with you all.

  11. thought you might like this video about the Bahamas:

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