monday miscellania

Not If It’s During Dinner
When Nature Calls, Will You Answer? – headline, Make The Logo Bigger, Nov. 20

They Must Be Shorter Geniuses
More Geniuses Per Square Foot on Upper West Site – headline, Ad Broad, Nov. 20

Chooses Glasses Over Contacts
GE Refocuses Vision – headline, Wall Street Journal, Nov. 20

Bottom Stories Of The Day
Is The Great Twitter Scare Waning? – headline, Ad Contrarian, Nov. 20

Razorfish Creates Word of Mouth/Social Media, Fills with Mystery Person – headline, Agency Spy, Nov. 20

Verizon Exiles iPhone to Island of Misfit Toys for the Holidays – headline, Garfield’s Ad Review, Nov. 20

I Want Twitter Peek to Die – headline, Yaybia!, Nov. 20

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