angry consumer calls ad agency president

It’s not masochism, but for some reason I like to read the consumer complaints that come through the business of one of the clients that I work on. Man’s capacity for unbridled emotion over trivialities fascinates me.

So I was even more fascinated today when I found that the President of the Official Agency of Biz had been called by a consumer who was angry about the performance of one of the products made by one of our clients. This was not about the advertising. They were upset about product efficacy. Our ads do not make efficacy claims. This guy was just pissed that the product sucked.

He did like the ads though, based on what I heard about the conversation he had with our president, which might explain why he thought to call the ad agency. Or something.

It’s like being unhappy with the quality of your local parish priest’s sermon and showing your displeasure by punching Jesus in the face.

Misdirect ire. And hilarity ensued.


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