travelers is all about the umbrella

Last year Traveler’s Insurance paid an undisclosed but surely hefty amount of money to buy back their umbrella logo from Citi after a complicated merger, sale, etc had separated it from the original owner.

Now that the umbrella is back home in Hartford (well, technically in St Paul as St Paul Companies bought Travelers…and then took their name), it’s time to re-brand Travelers.

Interestingly Fallon was Citi’s agency of record during the years that it owned the umbrella and they are the agency of record for Travelers, new owners of said umbrella, and get to brand a company all over again with the same logo. I think that you would agree that they did a good job:

Insurance sort of is what it is: a hedge against a bad day. The use of the umbrella as the device that saves the day when the going gets rough is a nice way to integrate the icon into the company’s reason to be. It certainly fits for Travelers more than it did over the mega-conglomerate Citi.

I also like the children’s storybook style of the spot, though it definitely tempted me to make some sort of off-color joke about an aging Englishman and the little kids he plays with before whisking them away on his umbrella. The style, music and writing are a nice way to humanize Travelers and the umbrella, especially with the Citi baggage attached to it.

This spot makes it less a New York, glass-tower, big-time banker icon and more of the Midwestern, we’re here for you icon that Travelers surely wants it to be.


One response to “travelers is all about the umbrella

  1. I really like the big umbrella–it’s good to see a cinematic ad once again, the kind that intrege and make you want to watch the darn ad.

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