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looking for the real pretty ae


It never really worked out with The Original Pretty AE (TM), but I am not one to sit at home and mope…I am a man of action, and happily there are more than enough good looking account execs in town that I have a realistic shot at finding the next Official Pretty AE.

I am not looking specifically for AEs, just in case you are curious.  I don’t have a strange office-based fetish where I will ask them to fill out a brief with strategy, objectives and executional considerations before any physical contact – though that would definitely make for an interesting, er, interaction (especially if Planning were involved to help develop and approve the brief) – but I do have a few friends who are interested in hooking me up with their friends.

And we all know how incestuous this industry can be.

Earlier this week, back before my home internet connection was restored (at some expense to myself, I might add…Cablevision was not accepting of my argument that they should replace the modem that I fried), an Interactive Producer on the brand team I am a part of here at the House of Biz mentioned that she had just the girl for me…she wanted me to meet the “nicest girl in the world ever.”  

I asked her, just to make sure, whether or not that was code for “not good looking at all but personable.”

She sighed and said no, the girl was indeed very good looking.  She then gave me her email and told me not to make an ass of myself when I digitally introduced myself.

I told her that I was a writer by trade and that she could trust me to be charming, at least until we met in person.

This girl is an account exec at one of the biggest of the BDAs in town which is good for two reasons.  First, she doesn’t work at my agency, unlike the Original Pretty AE, and one hopes that this makes it less difficult to actually have a romantic resolution from the situation.  Second, even if it doesn’t go well I can hope to have a friendship/acquantainceship out of it and I don’t have any contacts at this particular agency…that’s right, I am saying that if it doesn’t work out that at least I will have blog fodder.  No, I am not that shallow, I am just trying to have realistic expectations.

Stay tuned and cross your fingers, she and I meet in person next week.


twistori and a view from the bottom

One of my new favorite blogs – I have to replace the old ones, right – is View from the Bottom, written by a young copywriter who I am jealous of because she is prettier than I and, according to advertising tradition, that makes her a more viable source of information. Seeing how I just yanked that last bit of information from her site, it must be true. The site is definitely worth checking out.

Yesterday (it doesn’t look like yesterday because she uses the British dating system, which I always hated even when I lived there and is my one complaint about her blog, but I swear that it is a post from yesterday) she posted about Twistori and echoes my thoughts when she says “I am in love with these sites.”

The site takes simple phrases from Twitter that start with one of I Love, I Hate, I Think, I Believe, I Feel, and I Wish and combines them one after the other in a scroll across the page. You can look at tweets in each of the categories…things like “I LOVE the pretty ae” and “I HATE that she just isn’t into me” and “I THINK it is time to let that thing go” and things like that.

It’s a semi-voyeuristic way to eavesdrop on the basic emotions and feelings of people that you don’t know.

Picking up from View from the Bottom: but what does this mean?

it means i can reach out to people and find reassurance without their knowing it. without having to consider how they might feel about how i feel about their words. it’s a selfish act of self-therapy, to, at its basest, simply know i’m not alone. i can know that i share so many things with so many people i’ve never met, and moreover, never have to meet.

i don’t need to share my life story with them on Facebook chat…i can just watch the world unfold around me in this faux sense of digital peace. it’s pixelated zen.

the receptionist & the pretty ae

A buddy of mine has happened upon the agency and me out the past few times we have done it up and, rightly since there are a lot of really good looking girls here, he is interested in one of my co-workers. I don’t know that she has noticed him yet. Maybe next time. Me, I am still having the occasional thought about The Pretty AE, especially since she has moved on to a different agency.

Makes it seem a little more above board and all that.

Because I don’t want to, as Where’s My Jetpack? is concerned might happen, turn into a stalker, I decided to keep it low-key this weekend…and to focus on my other unattainable crush:

jenna fischer

Jenna Fischer, if you ever have the desire to go slumming with a New York-based copywriter, please email me. Beyond my obsession with you and The Pretty AE I am not a weird dude.

I swear.

chance meeting with the pretty ae

I haven’t written about The Pretty AE for a while for two main reasons. First, she started seeing someone who wasn’t me. Second, it made sense to stay away from personal and intra-office details what with most people at the office knowing that I write this blog.

However…she has recently left the House of Biz and I just a little more recently ran into her while grabbing a bagel and she looked fantastic in a summery little dress and holding her coffee. She is still with that guy for all I know, but luckily does not work in the same office anymore which I think means that I don’t have to every worry about sexual harassment claims against me for writing about how much I like her.

This morning’s meeting reminded me of the inescapable fact that if she looked at me and counted down from three I would do whatever she asked.

status quo with the pretty ae

The new boyfriend of The Pretty AE met us out last night. We had clients in the office yesterday and then had post-meetings dinner before retiring, agency-folks only, to our local…only to find that The Pretty AE and her new beau were already there.

He is actually a nice enough guy and not bad looking. He’s just not particularly sharp.

I would have though that wit and charm and personality would have appealed to The Pretty AE – perhaps in the hopes that my own average looks would not have been a stumbling block – but apparently she is willing to accept less that top drawer in that department. He is pretty good looking, in sort of a New England semi-disheveled preppy way (whereas I am rangy and plain and interestingly dissolute).

I think about how he ended up with The Pretty AE and can only put it down to luck…but not plain luck, rather the luck usually ascribed to fools and drunkards: unearned, unjustified, inexplicable luck.

And good looks.

sitting next to the pretty ae

I know that recent posts have been unusually negative. By all accounts, especially my own, I am a positive guy who brings a little ray of sunlight into the lives of my coworkers and friends so it has been unusual to have the balance of posts with the tone and content that they had. Why was this the case? I cannot tell a lie…

Bob Garfield did it.

Ha ha! I’m here all week. In all seriousness, the blame is to be laid at the foot of my subliminal disappointment with The Pretty AE…more specifically, with the fact that The Pretty AE is dating someone else. It’s a frustrating situation.

The worst part is that, with the football season gone, I have lost the easiest way to get her to hang out with me. I have never gotten more from a sport, not even when I was in high school and wearing the crap out of my letter jacket in the hope that the girls would notice.

And, to make it worse, I am being moved so I sit right next to her.

If I overhear any lovey-dovey conversations with the new guy I might actually throw up on my keyboard. Or at least on the floor next to my desk.

no joy in mudville

The bad news is that The Pretty AE is seeing someone else…the good news is that I have any number of well thought out and considered reasons in my head for why it never would have worked with her anyway and how I am happier that it didn’t. I can talk myself into and out of just about anything.

It does help that a semi-friend of mine spent all last night at the soccer game I played in talking about the impossibility of breaking up with his co-worker girlfriend. This was a disaster from the beginning, as things usually are when one falls into them accidentally. But apparently this girl is a little crazy and the guy is interested in keeping his current job and overall career firmly on the road to success and he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

So he is trying to get her to find a job in another city.

I am disappointed about the current state of The Pretty AE situation, but it could be worse. It could always be worse. Especially in advertising.

And I didn’t want to date a co-worker anyway.