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laying off the pretty ae

Talk about awkward.

Of all of the complications of an intra-office romance, the last one that I expected was this. I should have known better. This was not just any intra-office romance, this was an ad agency intra-office romance. Layoffs are a way of life at ad agencies, especially when the economy falters as ours has. I should have known better.

The relationship, which was already strained, did not recover. The emotional hardship of being laid off is difficult enough, but to be dating and have to see and talk to a person still employed at the agency that laid you off (and to have your social life centered there, as so many ad people’s is)…well, that can get to be a lot. For anyone.

And it did.

Although the worst part was the senior partner walking up to me to apologize profusely for not telling me first, being more sensitive, etc.

What was I supposed to say?

So I just let it happen and wished that the whole situation would go away. And not just because the relationship was on the rocks, but because the relationship should never have been a concern of the senior partner to begin with.

It was a bad situation. And with that, I learned my lesson: no more intra-office relationships, no matter how pretty the AE.

everyone loves a wedding…i hope

The dog days of summer have hit hard this August and I have been remiss in posting…I know that I have it. It’s not you, it’s me. Me and my desire to get out and enjoy the days while the weather is good…oh, and this little pinched nerve issue I’ve been having with my shoulder. It makes it less than fun to post.

There is also the situation with The Pretty Account Supervisor.

Sure, she is going to be joining the House of Biz next week and that could make things awkward, but at the same I need a date for my cousin’s wedding this weekend, everyone has fun at weddings as long as they are open bar, and if I play my cards right I think that I could really make it happen.

No bashful pining away this time around.

No, this time around it’s time to make things happen. And what with the summer formlessness giving way to the hardness of fall, the season change that is in the air is telling me that I’m doing the right thing.

I have always been one for signs.

weighing the pretty aes…not literally

Walking to work is a great idea, but on days like today it feels like you’re walking through warm gelatin.

And after walking through said gelatin in hot jeans and an ill-chosen button-down shirt (arrogantly untucked), I am left with the distinct feeling that I really ought to find a way to go home before the scheduled date with The Auditioning Pretty AE.

On a basic interest level, things continue apace, but every time I see her I am left with the question of why irony, detachment and pessimism are the preferred modes of a supposed sophisticate like herself? Nothing can be approached or discussed in absolute terms, no life experience considered and experienced without a jaded tiredness and all emotions seem through the lens of a hipster ironic detachment.

I guess I can’t blame her…she’s a woman of her time.

But it strikes me as a very unfulfilling way to live.

The Pretty Account Supervisor, on the other hand, has a somewhat lower level of interest…yet though I worry that I am falling again into the trap of yearning after someone in a quaint and outdated sort of way, I really can’t help myself.

You wouldn’t be able to, either.

We are seeing each other this weekend.

the pretty ae auditions

As I alluded to in an earlier post, there is a new and improved Pretty AE lurking around the Official Private Life of the Daily Biz…there are two actually.

My brother says that I love drama and I usually disagree, but after spending over a year pining for a co-worker and then moving seamlessly into trying to choose between two pretty account siders at competing agencies (though from the same holding company…which may or may not mean anything), I think that he may have a point.

Here is how we got to this stage in what I am unofficially calling the Pretty AE Auditions (at least around my apartment I am):

As you may recall from an earlier post, I had been set up with a friend of a friend and it actually went well…which isn’t something that you can bank on in one of those set-up situations. I had prepared for the worst. It was considerably better than that.

We have hung out here and there – by no means would I go in two-footed on this one – and I am interested enough to keep going back, as it were, to see how things develop.

Things got interesting late last week when I ran into an old friend that I had sporadically kept in contact with (and then Facebook came along and made our sporadic friendship totally official). Said friend, more Pretty Account Supervisor than mere AE, is really attractive.

Really attractive.

And, based in part on our lengthy Facebook friendship and history that stretches back to both of our baby steps into the business, I know that I like her for more than the whole tall, blond, blue-eyed thing she has going on.

So…where does that leave us?

First, I plan to see how things pan out with The Auditioning Pretty AE. Why let a bird in the hand, pardon the pun, fly away?

Second, I plan to learn the lessons from The Pretty AE to make sure that I don’t dawdle forever on this Pretty Account Supervisor situation that is showing an awful lot of potential.

My brother thinks that maybe I should move beyond advertising and that I might be happy with a teacher or lawyer or something…but that just wouldn’t be quite as interesting. Or filled with drama. And apparently I like drama.

Drama and pretty ad girls.

they won’t let the :30 die

Apologies for cutting and running at the end of last week…things have been busy here at the House of Biz as we have wrapped shooting for our ’09 print campaign for our biggest client and are now in the midst of all of the production that will make those shots look good.

Or at least be approvable by the client.

Not to mention that the copy decks that go with those snazzy new shots are in a veritable typhoon on swirling and contradictory feedback and revisions from the client. It’s been a busy time.

It has not been as busy for me though as it has been for The New Pretty AE – oh yes, there is a new Pretty AE and there will be an update on that situation later today – who has been out in LA for a proper shoot. You know, one of those television kinds.

Everything about a TV shoot reminds me just how overblown the shouting about the “death of the :30 spot” is.

Ignoring the positives about television as an advertising medium – it’s broad reach, the video format that showcases products, the institutional credibility of a brand advertising on television, the fact that people click through channels and come across ads – the simple reason that it won’t die any time soon is that production is far too fun.

It’s too fun for the agency – evidenced by the stories coming back from LA about 3am swims in the ocean and dinner at the Palm.

It’s too fun for the client – what client can resist being treated like royalty in LA and then being on an actual set and imagining themselves as a real big time film guy…after all, this is where movies are made!

There are business reasons to advertise on television, which is nice, because even if there weren’t agencies and clients would find a way to make them happen.

They’re just too much fun.