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monday miscellania

Not If It’s During Dinner
When Nature Calls, Will You Answer? – headline, Make The Logo Bigger, Nov. 20

They Must Be Shorter Geniuses
More Geniuses Per Square Foot on Upper West Site – headline, Ad Broad, Nov. 20

Chooses Glasses Over Contacts
GE Refocuses Vision – headline, Wall Street Journal, Nov. 20

Bottom Stories Of The Day
Is The Great Twitter Scare Waning? – headline, Ad Contrarian, Nov. 20

Razorfish Creates Word of Mouth/Social Media, Fills with Mystery Person – headline, Agency Spy, Nov. 20

Verizon Exiles iPhone to Island of Misfit Toys for the Holidays – headline, Garfield’s Ad Review, Nov. 20

I Want Twitter Peek to Die – headline, Yaybia!, Nov. 20

tuesday miscellania

This Is The Change We’ve Been Waiting For
Change Starts With Your Underwear. And Office Nudity. – headline, Adrants, Nov. 10

Learned Lesson From Earlier Porcupine-Embracing Debacle
Japan Embraces Fast-Fashion Shops – headline, Wall Street Journal, Nov. 10

Bottom Stories Of The Day
Discovery Channel Still Loves The World A Lot – headline, Adfreak, Nov. 10
The Case Against Twitter Lists – headline, Agency Spy, Nov. 10
Balloons To Light Up Your Night – headline, Brand Flakes For Breakfast, Nov. 10
Strong Starts For George Lopez, Wanda Sykes Shows – headline, Media Decoder, Nov. 10

thursday miscellania

Great Moments In Marketing Strategy
Boulder Sushi Chain Targets Oft-Hungry Demo – headline, BNet, Nov. 5

Winner Will Be Decided By Rock, Paper, Scissors
“Social Media” vs “I Don’t Know”: It’s A Tie – headline, Ad Contrarian, Nov. 5

Bottom Stories of the Day
Cows Aren’t Just For Tipping Anymore – headline, AdPulp, Nov. 5
You Can Call Me Fred If You Want – headline, Make The Logo Bigger, Nov. 5
Rude Stork Shows Up At Worst Possible Moments – headline, Denver Egoist, Nov. 5

friday miscellania

Problem Solved
Issue: “Book Price War Leads to Rationing” – headline, The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 30

Solution: “Let’s Terminate Subtitles” – headline, Make the Logo Bigger, Oct. 29

News You Can Use
“Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Long Without eMail” – headline, AdPulp, Oct. 29
“Hold Onto Your Hairpiece With Stimorol Gum” – headline, Adfreak, Oct. 29
“Apply to College Through Twitter” – headline, Brand Flakes for Breakfast, Oct. 29