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inform ventures is back again

Inform Ventures is a new agency from Los Angeles…you may have heard of them.

Their name remains as flat as it was when I first heard it and their animation-heavy website still takes an awful lot of clicking to even get to the homepage, but they’re still sticking it to the big agencies and they’re carpet bombing the ad world with promotional material.

These guys are showing that persistence isn’t a dirty word…the point is getting noticed and they have.

Even though I am still upset that their emailed manifestos still can’t be clipped out and posted as-is on my blog.

Old World Agencies,
Enough with the gimmicks! Enough with the marketing stunts! It is a shortsighted Old World approach that does nothing to build a loyal audience.
We do not live in a time where our clients can survive on clever tricks. We live in a New World. Our clients need to build roots deep within their community. They need to build real relationships, not through flashy gimmicks, but through strong bonds that will payoff tenfold in the long run.
It takes more than “playing the part” to gain access to a community. Co-opting a membership is the main reason to be denied entry. Our clients need to be a member of their community… to be first-movers… and to enhance and make a LONG-TERM commitment to their community.
Old World Agencies, roll up your sleeves and migrate your methods to the New World. And if you think you can’t afford to change, we are here to tell you that you cannot afford not to.
With warm regard,
Inform Ventures.com

I don’t want to be rude here because I always pull for the plucky little agencies that are taking on the big guys – especially in times like these when the big guns aren’t shy about taking the $5 – $10 million accounts that are smaller agencies’ bread and butter – but has an agency ever really had anything interesting to say about itself? Woodcut visual aside, this “manifesto” could have been written by any number of shop.

That last line in particular, I think that I’ve heard more than once.

Okay, okay, so you’re not going to give away what it is that makes you really special in a mailer that you send to a blogger…I get that. And I agree with what is being said about long term bonds, genuine connections, etc and so on. But so do a lot of people and agencies.

I am still not really sure what makes these guys different…or what these “new world” tools that they use are.

I am pulling for them to make it, and they have certainly jumped the first hurdle by getting themselves noticed and all that, but they leave me feeling like I’ve just heard a lot of marketing speak that doesn’t translate into anything tangibly different or compelling.

Though I do like the woodcut images and digs at the big agencies.


i really wanted to like this…and kinda do

I swear, I really did want to like this self-promotion piece by new Los Angeles-based agency Inform-Ventures. No, seriously, I wanted to like it. I wanted to like it more than I wanted to like Indiana Jones.

Both had a lot of promise…especially Inform-Ventures, whose self-promotion piece opened with what can only be called a breakthrough image:

Of course, I could neither take a screengrab of the mailer nor could I copy it as an entire image, but I was willing to overlook that and give them a chance because I like small agencies who make fun of big agencies to the tune of a mailer that reads:

Old World Agencies,
Stop the fleecing of our clients! Stop the heavy taxation! Stop isolating our clients from the truth for profit’s sake! It not only hurts our clients, it undermines our industry and makes us collectively less competitive.

We do not live in a time where efficiency and authenticity can be forgone for control and greed. We live in a New World. Our clients need to be closer to the source… closer to the ground floor where the information, ideas, and execution occur.

Be honest about your strengths and when assistance will make a profound difference. Do not appropriate ideas from those on the ground floor. It is a disservice to the creators and our clients, and rarely goes unnoticed. The people and the press are too smart for that type of practice to succeed for long.

Empower your clients with new alliances. Allow them to be unencumbered by the ideas of the Old World. It will make our clients stronger and you more valuable.

With warm regard,


Then the let me down a little bit with that agency name. Inform Ventures. Really? Really?

Then I went to their website…which has neat and expensive-looking Paper Vision Flash but ended up getting me stuck on a page and unable to click back to Home. A cardinal sin.

Such a cardinal sin that, coupled with their miss on the mailer and the agency name I was about to write a sarcastic post the vast wrongitude of their self-promotion attempt. And then ask them to please stop.

When everything changed.

Or at least most of it did.

Before I ruin it for you I want you to go to their website. Go now. Okay, now sit through intro. This may take a while.
I know, it’s kind of ridiculous how long it takes…
Okay, now click on “Old World” and let the pop-up box happen. Everything will be okay. Then click “Proceed with Caution” and let everything be wonderful.

I laughed out loud when I saw JWT’s site pop up…and just for shits and giggles I reloaded it again only to find the link point to DDB. I tried it again and it went to <a href=”http://www.deutsch.com”>Deutsch and then Ogilvy and then laughter got in the way of me clicking through the whole thing any more. What a classicly awesome smack in the face to the BDAs.

It made up for everything.

I really wanted to like this…and kinda do.