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periscope pays attention to search

Minneapolis agency Periscope has seen the light Tribble-style by caring about search. They have paid links at Google to a number of searches including “ad agency” and, funny enough, “tribble ad agency.”

Before you – and you know who you are – start emailing me again about being too Minneapolis focused, the reason that I know this has nothing to do with geography.

I bought a new computer (special thanks to The Girl Riot for talking me out of the black Macbook) and because of the sudden and tragic death of my old computer, I have to manually do my bookmarks again.

Tribble Ad Agency is one of my bookmarks.

To find the URL for the blog, I did what everyone did and Googled them and that is how I saw that Periscope had the paid search. So there.

Agencies like JWT have been given a hard time for advertising themselves, but neither they nor Periscope deserve to get shit for trying to sell themselves on more than reputation and connection to the CMO old boy network. Ad agencies advertise. Why not advertise themselves?

Oh…and search counts as advertising.