oh facebook, why can’t i quit you?

Oh Facebook, Why Can’t I Quit You?

At no point during the development and evolution of the internet did anyone, I am sure, think that it would come to this: Facebook accounts for 25% of all United States page views. You did not read that wrong. Fully 1 out of every 4 pages that an American-based browser pulls up is a Facebook page.

By point of comparison, Google gets approximately 8% of all page views.

While Google still leads in total visits and monthly unique visitors, their lead is being whittled down precipitously.

We are all advertisers now.

That, really, is the primary function of Facebook. Advertising for yourself.

If you think about your own Facebook page, meticulously groomed with just the right amount of personal information shared, profile pictures strategically chosen, tagged pictures of you managed daily with weeding out of the ones that don’t quite show the image of yourself that you would like to project, it is an ad campaign for yourself. And, whether consciously or not, you are your own Brand Manager.

And, with 25% of all page views hitting Facebook pages, I hope you’re a good one. You need to be.


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