new creative director makes my day

I have been seriously under the weather for the past week of so. No, it’s not swine flu, though I have been asked that question more than just about any other question in my entire life except, perhaps, ‘why are you such a jackass?’

I came back into the office today and was lurking in the hallways when I heard the new Creative Director say that he wanted to foster a new, more collaborative environment and that, particularly for digital, we needed to open up the process to include thoughts from all key members of the team.

I know that I have spent a lot of time on this blog complaining, but that comment made my day.

It looks like the ol’ agency is ready for the new way of doing business.


One response to “new creative director makes my day

  1. Get it in writing and ask for a timeline. Seriously. “Want” doesn’t always equal “will.”

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