tapping into the collective conscious

I punctuated a fairly boring day at the ol’ ad agency by reading some consumer complaints about an ad campaign we just launched. Quick sidebar: the best of the bunch was “I hate these ads so much I am going to come to your office and cockpunch your ad department.” With things like that, I realize that I don’t take life too seriously after all. At least not in comparison to the rest of America.

While sharing some of the funnier consumer complaints with a buddy, we decided to try and figure out if people really hated the campaign or if the complaints were just the usual crazies.

Not really knowing how to go about it in the ten minutes we wanted to spend on actual research, we asked Google.

Because Google knows. Google always knows.

Google pointed us to a pretty cool little technology piece called Trendsmap. Little more than a Google Map mashed up with Twitter trends, the simple app-like thingie (its official name) allows you to see trends across the country regularly updated throughout the day.

So what is going on in America today?
– People don’t actually seem to hate my new ad campaign
– The Dodgers and Yankees have a lot of fans
– Americans don’t know shit about “proper football” and sound like jackasses when they try to use Britishisms
– An alarming number of people are interested in a pumpkin avatar
– It’s rainy in Missouri
– Breasts are always popular (and rightly so)


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