advertising fml

A vice, as far as vices I am publicly willing to admit to, that I have is daily checking of the website FML. Because when things start to go bad, it’s awfully nice to know that it could be worse.

Advertising seemed like the perfect profession to have a dedicated version of the site. With all of the things that could go wrong and f someone’s life coupled with the expressive nature of ad folk, I am frankly surprised that it hasn’t been started yet. In fact, during my blogging hiatus I often thought of starting just a website.

But then work was so busy I never had time. FML.


2 responses to “advertising fml

  1. biz –

    good to see you back. FWIW, your secret is still safe down in this armpit of a state.

  2. Classic. Don’t FMLs usually start with, ‘Today’?

    Like, Today, I heard back from that shop about a job for which I had interviewed and for which the Group Account Director told me I seemed ideally suited. After a decade with the same agency I had seen enough colleagues downsized in favor of less experienced but cheaper talent that I was starting to feel like a relic, so I figured a change of shingles would reinvigorate my career.

    They elected to hire an MBA with CPG experience from within, and the HR manager whom I’ve never met left me a voicemail to let me know that I was not the MBA with CPG selected. About an hour later, one of our AEs whom I’d hired as an intern three years ago, encouraged to pursue an MBA, and mentored in the finer points of CPG work stopped by my desk to resign. Guess who that other agency hired? FML.

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