infomercial mania!

Occasionally your subconscious will notice it.

Like some ephemeral wisp of a conscious thought.

It will happen when you’re watching TV and you have what feels like déjà vu…because you swear that you just saw that same commercial a minute before, but for a different brand. And with slightly different details.

It just happened to me (only it was the online version, where I saw one spot on a blog and another on YouTube) with two infomercial-themed commercials…and it was the same sensation as when I saw all those monkey-themed commercials last year and the year before when it was the dancing inanimate objects-themed spot traffic jam.

The first is this effort from Bud Light. That, awesomely, you can’t embed. Though you can be their facebook friend, so they totally have the social media aspect covered.


Anyway, I suppose it was bound to happen. The whole infomercial thing had been in the news lately with the ShamWow guy getting into a tussle with a hooker and then the death of Billy Mays. So it was top of mind.

And like much of the culture chaff that gets top of mind of the collection conscious, it gets turned into a commercial.

Sometimes, into lots of commercials.

Like this VitaminWater effort (featuring Canadian Celebrity Steve Nash – a hilarious line):

I might be a bit rusty because of my extended blogging vacation, but I have no real comment on this beyond the pure noticing that is has happened…and that it is pretty funny when you imagine the account people at each agency running around in a tizzy wondering whether to alert their client and trying to figure out how to spin it as in no way detrimental to their own infomercial effort.


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