the parker challenge nine months later

I so totally got called out it’s like I was pwned in a virtual call-out-a-palooza or something.

And it hurt. Because that’s what being pwned does to a person.

It hurts them.

It particularly hurt because I got called out in a post over at Tribble Ad Agency and that post was from the end of January. That’s right. Some nine months ago.

And in said post, I was tagged to write seven facts about myself if, to quote the author, “he could ever get me to post again.” It’s the Parker Challenge. And I was totally a part of it. Ish.

It may be late, but if we call the pub for an extension and push print production hard enough, I have no doubt that they’ll be able to fit my revised copy into a keyline, get final client approval and ship it out before it all goes to press. Seriously. I do it all the time and it’s always worked.

Though I do admit that this is a record for tardiness.

1. I would rather be no other place in the entire world in June than in Minneapolis.

2. I think that social media shiny baubles like Twitter, Facebook, etc are tactics, not a strategy.

3. I have reprints of the first print ads that I ever did framed and hung up on a wall. They are only six years old but feel as outdated Kerri Martin.

4. Bob Garfield remains among the most self-important blowhards I have had the pleasure of disliking. If it is true that you can judge a man by his enemies, he just went up in my estimation.

5. I may have told one person about my secret identity…and I shouldn’t have. She, possibly in cahoots with her friends, continually comment negatively on my blog. It’s kind of sad. But then again, blogging about advertising is also kind of sad, making it difficult to determine who wins this round.

6. Betty Draper is totally on my list.

7. If you want to order me a drink at the bar, please make it a vodka on the rocks with three olives.

Since I am so late to the game, I’m not going to tag any other bloggers…at least not for the next nine months until I get around to it.


4 responses to “the parker challenge nine months later

  1. biz, i’m so glad you’re back for real this time.

    -erin from yaybia

  2. june in mpls is the best.

  3. Thanks for the special mention, hon. Nice to hear from you after all this time! Don and I were worried about you. He’d heard you’d been shipped to the Bombay office.

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