an improbably bad presentation

A very strange day at the Official Ad Agency of the Daily Biz today…a very strange day. One of those days where you walk in and your boss in a bad to volubly bad mood, your producer is in a volubly bad mood to such a bad mood she’s not even talking and the intern is hungover because they actually have a social life (whereas mine was given up to the golden god of advertising long ago).

That’s not the strange part.

Cranky ad people aren’t that unusual (I think that it’s because most people’s pants are too tight – not only is it demonstrably true by looking around you that most ad people wear pants that are too tight, tight pants make people irritable. That is a fact). What made the day strange is all the intrigue…a potential double-agent, a rollercoaster of emotion, no donuts or coffee for a morning meeting…

Let me set the scene.

Presentation of work to client. Main team is at the mothership, but one team member with a particularly close relationship with the client but not necessarily with the rest of the team (didn’t quite see eye-to-eye on what we were presenting) is at the client’s home base.

Presentation begins. Client is clearly distracted. Our team member is clearly the distractor.

Presentation continues. Isn’t going well. Is cut off early. Resumes a short time later. Shit show in full Barnum & Bailey glory. Drama onboard the mothership. Lots of putting the phone on mute and dropping f-bombs. At our own team member. Who people can assume is undermining us.

Presentation ends. Client makes immediate decisions. Decisions made are exactly what the account team guessed would happen and are in line with what the team would agree to.

Entire team walks out of the room with a bad taste in their mouth.

The clock strikes 9:30.

The day didn’t get any better.


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