i hate nice things, &tc

I got this email a little while back from Adbusters…staying as edgy, off-the-wall and comfortably left as you would expect a magazine like this to be, they are calling for a Global General Strike to “resist the global systems that promote consumption.” Facebook is heavily involved as a marketing tactic.

Personally, I hate consumption. Not only does it help keep me and everyone else in the entire world employed, but it leaves me in the possession of things that Iike and use on a daily basis. Just think, without consumption I would have neither house nor car nor food nor 42-inch flat screen TV. Fuck that, I hate those things!

If you too hate consumption, you can spend November 27th doing “no work, no school, no driving, no shopping…and for some of us, a Ramadan-inspired feast from sunrise to sunset.”

If you only hate consumption a little bit, you can friend the cause on Facebook and forget about it when the time rolls around to take actual (as opposed to non-virtual) action.

I suggest the latter.

The best thing about Facebook is that it allows you to publicly show off your deep, deep animus toward capitalism, consumerism and any other trendy ism that you are implacably opposed to. And the best part is that you can show your opposition without having to actually DO anything like, you know, change how you live your life. Because nobody knows that you didn’t stick it to consumption for the day. They just know that you are opposed to consumption and are acceptably left wing in an upscale urbanite sort of way.

It’s branding by association.

If you too want to be involved (or find out who on Facebook to friend), reach out to kono@adbusters.com

Tell him that I sent you. And that I really, really hate consumption.


One response to “i hate nice things, &tc

  1. Awesome post Biz. You should write more often.

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