facebook makes me crotchety

I did the Twitter thing for a little while, but found it clunky and un-portable…which may be an indictment of my own tech savvy, sure, but I also found that I wasn’t missing a whole lot because of the news feed feature in Facebook and the way that people have been using it. Which is just like Twitter.

I find that both a relief and an annoyance.

It is a relief, somewhat obviously, because it means that I don’t have to use Twitter anymore. I get almost the exact same information, but only have to use one application. And, as an added bonus, all side conversations tend to happen as comments on wall posts so I can quickly read the whole conversation as a single unit instead of having it dispersed across my Twitter feed.

Convenience for a lazy man. It’s a concept I can get behind.

It is an annoyance because most of what people deem important enough to Tweet or wall post about is either boring or pathetically self-aggrandizing.

For example, if you are really having a great time doing all of these fun things, do you really need to post about how you are having a great time doing all of these fun things? Just like you never hear someone say “I went to Harvard, it’s a really good school” because it is obvious that Harvard is a good school, if you feel the need to talk about how much fun you are having while doing whatever activity you are doing, you’re selling too hard. The fun should be obvious. And if it isn’t and you’re trying to convince me that it is, it falls flat in a sad, “I wish you were confident enough in yourself not to try to prove how cool you are in a public forum” kind of way.

Primarily disappointing is how many people write posts like this.

Posts like “got so drunk last night and it was awesome” or “girls nights rock, so glad I went out.” They are both unoriginal and cloying attempts to prove to people who may be following your posts that you are not a complete loser.

Except by saying, in not so many words, “I am not a complete loser”…well, you’ve just proved you are.

But at least the annoyance is all in one place now. It would be worse if I had to switch applications for the same drivel.


8 responses to “facebook makes me crotchety

  1. You suck as a blogger. Your posts are good, but your frequency is lacking.

  2. Welcome back. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

  3. I agree with what your saying. When I read some of the “tweets”, It reminds me of a bad ‘b’ movie….

  4. You fail at a comeback.

  5. I feel the same way, twitter just seems like so much work. Facebook is always good entertainment, I personally enjoy watching people put their foot in their mouth.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Looks like your blog is on hiatus again; maybe Pointless Planet, a satirical take on bad commercials, will re-invigorate you:

  7. Thanks for the post, reading up on facebook as much as possible right now. – C

  8. Pointless Planet is now on Facebook–do a search for it and become a fan! 🙂

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