social networking is for the already cool

Had an interesting discussion today at the House of Biz over some campaign extension tactics that we are going to be presenting to the client tomorrow…specifically, we were talking about how to extend this particular brand in social networks.

I took the stance that this would be a waste of time.

First, some background: this particular brand has a broad target that skews young, but hasn’t really broken through to be cool yet. In fact, it isn’t really all that well known yet. Which, to my mind, means that we need to get the word out…even if that means using Pleistocene-era tactics like broadcast television and other broad-reach media. Because we need people to know about the brand. And to like it.


Because unless they already know about and like the brand, why would they want to be its Facebook friend? Social networking is for the already cool, the brands that will be sought out on their merits. The brands that people want to adorn themselves with. Tattoo the logos of. Have people judge them by.

I’m afraid that I lost this argument.

And it’s fine that I did, I understand that in client meetings where a lot of work is being presented it is important to have broadly applicable thinking…lots of tactics shelter the agency from the charge of being a one-trick pony or, in the case of my agency, too old school.

But it’s still a dumb idea for this brand.


One response to “social networking is for the already cool

  1. Biz! Welcome back! You are a def a brand sought out for its merits. Big gaping hole in the blahgosphere while u were gone 🙂

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