i am back

Ok, so…it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride since Thanksgiving. Yes, it has been since Thanksgiving that I last had something advertising related to say.

And that is the funny thing about advertising – you can lose five months and not even notice it.

A mix of shoots and concepting and extension ideas and new campaigns ideas and more shoots and execution and endless client change and short deadlines and yelling at digital producers and making out with co-workers at agency happy hours and getting smacked down my Creative Director yesterday today and tomorrow, and losing pitch after pitch, and seeing friends laid off left and right, and commiserating over beers with those people to the point that I turned up at work the next afternoon, and getting promoted and finding a new Pretty AE whose shirt I look down all day…whew. It’s been busy. Exhausting. Par for the course for advertising.

But I am back.

And I mean it this time.

Back, of course, means that I will post in the usual desultory way…but at least I am posting. And I plan to post until I actually get that Crispin job or we get busy again at the House of Biz.

I have missed you.

And am glad that we’re back together again.


4 responses to “i am back

  1. Damn, man! Good to have you back. Your exit definitely created a disturbance in the force. Or at least in my Google Reader.

  2. glad to have you back! can’t wait to hear about the AE and other exciting happenings in your world. happy i did not delete you off my RSS–though I did think about it.


    like by a lot. like maybe your return will prompt my return. not that i’ve gone anywhere. i just had X amount of hours and Y, Z, LMNOP services with which to occupy them.

    …not those kinds of services, you gutter boy.

  4. Damn, just checked back out of the blue, giving it one more chance. And here it is.
    Welcome back.

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