behavioral targeting complaints

I am an analog guy…and even though I have a blog, I know that this is true. I can’t help it. I am a man of my time.

That said, to the digital strategist (and you know who you are) who gets away with saying things about social media that are obvious to anyone who uses them, but not obvious to the oldsters who run the House of Biz, go fuck yourself. You are lucky to have the job you have, but you only have it while Oldy McGees run the place. And that won’t be forever.

You’ve been warned.

Anyway…I was sitting in a presentation by media to the brand team that I work on about online ad effectiveness based on type of buy (don’t judge, the lunch was free and I’ve not been able to find my ATM card for something like four weeks now). It got me thinking…with the size of our team and the amount that we go to websites appropriate to the brand we work on (and are thus followed by behavioral ads), could we be skewing the numbers on effectiveness?

Based on my hatred for the media team at the House of Biz (whoa, 4:58…let’s fire off an email to Account Management and then leave, and then Account Management gets it to me by 7 – this is a good day – and then I work all night to make it happen, not that I am bitter), yes. I sure hope so.

With all of the jazzy hand waving and shit talking that the digital media and strategy team do, you would think that they would be smart enough to exclude the company IP address from those that were behaviorally targeted.

Maybe it doesn’t matter.

But I don’t care.

I’m all sorts of fired up because it’s 8:00pm on a Friday and I’m still here, working on something that Media forgot and that Account Management just got to me.


Aren’t you glad that I’m back to blogging again?


One response to “behavioral targeting complaints

  1. dearjanesample

    I am! I am very glad your back!

    Seriously, good to have you back in the land of the blogging.

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