intel’s digital video face-off

My old art director partner from my days in New York was kind of a technology dork.

In many ways, I think that art directors have to be technology dorks…at least if they want to be good (which is similar to how copywriters, if they want to be good, need to read everything they can get their hands on). He is pretty good. Which is why, when I asked him to check out this site that Intel did for their new processor, with the crying-out-for-a-copywriter name Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition, I guess that I wasn’t surprised that he thought it was pretty cool.

I didn’t really get it.

And thought that it was slow to get to the point.

But I am also not the target and too much technology talk bores me. He countered by saying that it was cool, in a Iron Chef sort of way, to see the hook, which was a 70 minute digital animation battle between two creative types on computers using the new processor and some mega-high-powered Adobe software that could eventually, if it falls into terrorist hands, turn the whole world into a scene from TRON.

Created by a company called Ignite Social Media, this is just the sort of targeted content that seems to grab the interest of those in the narrow consumer base.

And that is cool because, well, there are only so many people who will ever need, let alone buy, the products that are being shilled.

Also, because it sort of always comes back to me, I like any site that has a section specifically set up for bloggers.

It makes me think that these guys get it.


2 responses to “intel’s digital video face-off

  1. Thanks for the mention, but thanks more for understanding the concept. Much appreciated.

    But credit to Intel. They get it, too…


  2. I can see how this strategy may have worked for the target audience. For me, I did not find the video to be very interesting. I agree, that it took too long to get to the point. I think that people in general prefer to have all of the facts laid out in front of them right away. I do appreciate the idea behind this though; it almost doubles as a tutorial as well as advertisement.

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