keep your powder dry

The primary problem with two hour meetings, besides the fact that I get extremely uncomfortable sitting in a chair that long and end up squirming and then making sounds that sound like they may be farts because I am squirming (and then, because I want to replicate that sound I end up trying to replicate the sound which only makes the farting sounds louder and makes people look at me), is that I get nothing else done.

That nothing else includes blogging.

Of course, the reason for the two hour meetings is the wrangling over the direction of the brand that we are working on. Everyone has an opinion, of course, and getting your opinion to win out as the agency recommend is a long, painstaking process of many little battles of which it is important to win enough that your idea is alive at the end, where you can sink your entire advertising capital in to fighting for it.

Of course, that means that you need advertising capital left to fight for it.

So, unlike the crazy planner who was busy fighting over specific wording of a platform that may not even make final consideration by the agency, it’s best to keep your powder dry.

Keep that in mind, my friends. Keep your powder dry.


2 responses to “keep your powder dry

  1. True true. Keeping your powder dry is an essential element! Fighting for ideas in this industry is a must.

  2. great point. i posted a blog entry over at fivewords the other day confessing the stupid things i do that make my life difficult and not keeping my powder dry is a big one. i like the idea of capital as currency. next time i’m in a battle, i’ll try asking myself “how much am i willing to spend on this?”

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