the hiatus is over

Apologies to all of my adverfriends for the break in posting…there has been a lot of stuff going on, both good and bad, that took all of my energy and sapped my creativity.  And during that time I realized that advertising is deeply unserious and therefore easy to put aside.

It’s also really easy to come back to.

Some of the things that took up my time:

1. Moving. I am no longer a New Yorker – it was time for a new agency and a new city. So I left.

2. Getting sued. That’s right, I had to deal with a frivolous lawsuit from a crazy ex-girlfriend.

3. Making it happen with the Pretty Account Supervisor. One word: BOOM.

4. Getting settled. I had to pack up, unpack, meet people, get in the groove at work, etc and so on. It took some time.

5. Pumpkin carving. I love Halloween and love carving pumpkins and, though this took up only an afternoon, it was an afternoon that I could have spent blogging.


5 responses to “the hiatus is over

  1. Welcome back, mon frere. Will your new locale require the same defcon level of anonymity?

  2. Welcome back, biz! Back in the Midwest, I hope?

  3. Welcome back biz! Park&Co wishes you well. We had some pumpkin carving fun as well this Halloween:

    Stay well!

  4. Trading blog time for pumpkin carving time was an excellent trade, IMO. On taking advantage of new opportunities – I’m finding that the best way to make a big change is through less planning, more doing. Congrats.

  5. yeah, welcome back!

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