3 responses to “bmw is slip sliding away

  1. Прям прочитал до конца и времени потраченного не пожалел… Спасибо за такой интересный материал!!!!!!

  2. I can understand trying to fly under the radar in certain situations but on a large and corporate scale it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Especially in today’s world where we all know the viral buzz spreads faster then the wildfires in Cali. It also just relates to jumping off the ship before it sinks. Better to get off and get on with everything then go under make a big scene and hassle.

    Some people just don’t think things through and make decisions without considering the whole scenario. I’ll admit I’ve done it!

    It will be interesting to see who picks up the account and what direction BMW wants to take.

  3. It may help to know that the “BMW account” is actually two different accounts. There is the regional/dealer business and then there is the national brand account. The dealer business, or parts of it, has changed hands several times in the past few years, while the brand account has remained at GSD&M.

    It could be that some of yopur sources confuse the two, and that hearing the dealer business was in peril (which is true; it was just consolidated at Grey) they assumed the brand business was in play. So far, that isn’t true.

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