7 responses to “mckinney emerges victorious

  1. Congrats to McKinney!

    I hope they get the opportunity to work with Sherwin Williams on their distasteful logo. I am usually very rarely offended by such things, however every time I see the SW logo with the paint pouring over (or suffocating) the earth, it just reminds me of what a bad state our environment is in…essentially because we’ve been suffocating it with our garbage and toxic waste (like paint…)

    In this age of “green” thinking, maybe it’s time SW rethinks their visual presence.

  2. Good call on the logo. I’ve always been struck by how it seems like it’s straight out of The Simpsons vs. “an enduring brand icon.”

    Counter to common sense, and unintentionally ironic.

  3. Earth vs. Paint

    Ironically, Sherwin-Williams is pretty innovative when it comes to the environment. They’ve taken many steps to be as efficient as possible when making the stuff, and shipping it to their stores.

    Plus, Sherwin-Williams products generally last longer than other brands, which is a benefit to conservation. Coatings have the most detrimental impact on the environment when they’re applied, so if you don’t have to do that as often, it’s a plus.

  4. Biz, we love ya. We do. But you’re gonna have to change your blog to the bi-weekly (ad) biz, ya know? Just sayin.

  5. yeah serisously bro, what gives?

  6. Frou-frou sure isn’t the direction I’d have gone, based on my many painting experiences. I found my way to Sherwin Williams because their paint didn’t require three coats to finish the job and because the staff was knowledgeable, friendly and available. I don’t care how arty the paint color name sounds, except for the entertainment value.

  7. Did you quit?

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