random rant after a long day

It has been a busy week…a busy couple of weeks, actually, but this week is really the culmination of it all. With that all said, I am leaving work now to go home and quickly get drunk before passing out and doing it all over again. While I get drunk I plan to think to myself, “self, why do agencies like mine continue to hire big-title types instead of hiring low since we are concerned about profitability and our biggest cost is salaries…is it because they are retarded or just have a past connection with these people and want to give them a sinecure?”

And then I will think to myself, “self, maybe it’s time to start that new agency you’ve been thinking about.”

“You know, the one where you go off on your own.”

“Maybe it could work.”



One response to “random rant after a long day

  1. I’d come work for you

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