rewarding campbell-ewald

So…say you work at Campbell-Ewald. You’re feeling a little down after a year in which you’re lost basically all of your clients and the ones that remain, like GM brand Chevrolet, are drastically cutting their budgets because, well, they can’t sell a damn thing.

All of your friends are feeling bad for you because you live in Michigan, a state mired in economic trouble that is (and has been for years) worse than the rest of the country.

And of course you’re out of Detroit, Michigan…that poor city has been kicked so many times it’s tender enough to be served as a main course at Perry St.

Perry St is my favorite steakhouse.

It also has good pork chops.

Anyway, all is not lost if you still have a job at Campbell-Ewald! That’s right, my friends, despite the shocking year that the agency has had, the good folks steering the ship from rock to rock have decided that the best thing to do is reward everyone by giving them the week between Christmas and New Year’s off.

Though I did for a minute consider that perhaps IPG would just close the agency once everyone left for the holidays, I don’t think that Roth & Co are that devious. Perhaps they are that heartless. You’ll have to ask someone at an IPG agency to confirm.

Anyway, go on Campbell-Ewald and enjoy your break.

You deserve it. Ish.


4 responses to “rewarding campbell-ewald

  1. LOL…Well, CE always gives that week off. Frankly, if the staff are smart they’ll use it to polish up those resumes, pack up the house, and try to find a new gig in another state (another country?) instead of spiking the eggnog with a little more “anything!”.

    This has been a spectacularly bad year for CE. Rather amazing to watch. Carrying on with your ship analogy, there’s a fire raging in that hold beyond anything their current MO can handle.

  2. CampbellEwald just posted a wanted ad on for a copywriter. Not sure who would be crazy enough to take that but i suppose it would pay the bills…for a few months at least.

  3. Most agencies in the Detroit area close between Christmas and New Years. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

  4. This is crazy! New to this big agency gig and Wow! I just contacted recently for a position in CE?

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