difficult client stops being difficult

The funny thing about working with a difficult client is that when things go well with something like a presentation of creative and you don’t get proverbially reamed out…you feel like maybe you didn’t do your job. That maybe the concepts were bland or something. That maybe it’s worse when they don’t care enough to be an asshole.

I never deliver 31 flavors of vanilla advertising.

But goddammit after presenting work and not getting bitched out in any way, shape or form I don’t think to myself, “self, you cracked the code and sold work that was creative and the client loved.” Instead I think to myself, “self, this client is a cockmonkey who is always upset when you present good work…maybe you didn’t do good stuff this time around.”

And that, my friends, is this week’s reason why I secretly hate advertising.


One response to “difficult client stops being difficult

  1. It was one of the first ten reasons why I hate/hated advertising. Creative block, idea stealers, the ratio of absolute dimensionless assholes who work in this biz, award shows, not being allowed to punch slimy account execs in the face, drinks with the boss, talking about “what I do,” too many late night pitches (like last night), being asked what my favorite commercials are, and what you said.

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