dr pepper + schadenfreude = fun

Schadenfreude sounds awfully ominous both because it is a German word and anything in German sounds like it presages some sort of invasion by robots in lederhosen and also because what goes around comes around and if you’re spending your time enjoying another’s misfortune the same is bound to happen to you.

Still, in the meantime, schadenfreude is enjoyable.

With the news that cleverly-named Dr Pepper Snapple Group has axed Executive VP, Marketing Randy Gier and his VP, Marketing henchman Sean Gleason my inbox was practically overflowing with German-style enjoyment at the announcement.

It’s so weird that firing Y&R and hiring your buddies at Deutsch/LA to produce an ad that tells people how to drink their soda (thanks Dr Pepper, I think that I’ve figured that bit out by now) would get you fired. Who knew?

At least they used Dr J:

Because if you’re going with a craptastic strategy you may as well rely on borrowed interest, too.

As an aside, can you imagine the good folks at Deutsch/LA pitching this idea?

Deutsch/LA: We are going to do something that will absolutely differentiate your brand from the others, we are going to take Dr Pepper in a totally new direction. We are going to build a campaign all around flavor!

Daily Biz VO: Um, but wasn’t the campaign you fired Y&R for all about the great taste of 23 flavors in every Dr Pepper?

Dr Pepper: I don’t know…all of the agencies we fired had flavor ideas and so have all of the agencies that pitched us.

Deutsch/LA: But our way has never been done before!

Daily Biz VO: Well, at least not by Deutsch.

Dr Pepper: Really, well…tell me more.

Deutsch/LA: We are going to use Dr J. Check this out: you are selling soda to young guys, you want to give them a kitschy basketball legend from the 70s to show that you are hip, with it and full of flavor. It’s going to be tongue-in-cheek, because we know that no other agencies pitched that tone to you, and it’s going to kind of rip off the Old Spice ads, but they won’t be done as well because we’re unoriginal and are borrowing interest.

Daily Biz VO: Some of the actual words may not be verbatim

Dr Pepper: Sold.

But enough about this commercial, its silly message that tells people how to drink a soda (I get more flavor if I slow down? I see more of my show if you shut up.) and shockingly obvious play on the whole ‘doctor’ thing. This post is about the shitcanning at Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

A lot of people are happy about it based on my inbox.

I am happy about it only because there is now a chance that Dr Pepper will produce some decent work.

Teaching younger people who like soda to drink their soda slower…good lord, who in the world thought that this was a good idea? Oh right. The guys that got fired.


2 responses to “dr pepper + schadenfreude = fun

  1. Don’t Blame the agency, that was an internal learning that was forced on the agenies. Dr Pepper will & can not produce decent work externally or internally . Look for the Dr to pull another “Quaker” on Snapple and look out for Randy & Sean to pop up together at another big company to work their magic.

  2. could you tell me the name of the song that play in the back ground while he tosses the ice ?

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