it doesn’t have to be a tv spot to win an emmy

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has officially entered the modern world…they have recognized that advertising doesn’t just exist on TV. Bottoms up to that. Or, seriously, bottoms up to whatever happens to be happening at the moment because it’s Advertising Week here in New York and everyone’s already drunk so why not celebrate DDB/Chicago’s Emmy win?

Exactly, let’s celebrate away, and not just because it’s a good ad:

Let’s celebrate because it’s nice to know that a spot doesn’t have to air on something as passe as television to bring home an award for sweet, advertising-y goodness.

That’s right, the “Swear Jar” spot has never once aired on television, not even after more than 12 million film views.

Is it Emmy worthy?

In many ways that is debatable…I mean, creating ads to sell something like beer, which is all about fun and image and occasionally taste, is considerably easier than selling your classic parity product. Sometimes you wish that there was a degree of difficulty score multiplier at these award shoes to recognize the truly great work, the work on tough products, difficult brands and with challenging clients.

But there isn’t. So at least it’s good to know that they’re not restricting awards to simple TV spots anymore.


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