stopping advertising that could save lives

Thank God for bureaucrats, those unelected, unaccountable apparatchiks who always seem to screw things up for regular people who just want to keep on keepin’ on.

Or, in this case, know that their meat is safe from Mad Cow Disease.

A company called Creekstone Farms Premium Beef is being prohibited from testing all of their animals for Mad Cow Disease…something that they wanted to do so that they could advertise that their beef was the only beef that consumers could be 100% sure didn’t have Mad Cow Disease.

Not a bad marketing message, actually.

Not genius, perhaps, but certainly a competitive advantage, new news and something that might drive an incremental purchase or two. After all, who wants beef from a company that can’t say for sure that its cows don’t have the disease?

But, thanks to the USDA not only can Creekstone Farms not advertise that they are Mad Cow Disease free, they can’t even test all of their cows. See, the USDA only tests about 1% of cows for the potentially deadly disease and if Creekstone were to advertise that all of its cows were tested the larger meat packers are scared that they would have to test all of their cows too. So they pressured the USDA to block Creekstone’s plan.

It is understandable, considering the rareness of the disease, that the USDA would not do more testing.

However, to block a company that wanted to test more from actually doing so…it’s simply inexplicable.


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