the baddest ass price spot i’ve ever seen

It’s a strange time…most economic indicators are solid, including GDP growth and a low unemployment rate, yet we’re in the middle of a mark-to-market regulation-caused investment bank meltdown, the media has been running the storyline of recession for almost a year and consumer confidence is low.

Everyone is expecting the worst.

So how do you sell stuff, especially luxury items and stuff that people don’t need, in an environment like this, an environment where people are retrenching and watching what they spend?

Harley-Davidson, whose motorcycles are primarily indulgence purchases by middle aged white dudes if my anecdotal evidence can be trusted, has a new spot out that shows how to sell value in a tough economy…and how to do it creatively, thanks to agency Carmichael Lynch:

It certainly fits the renegade feel of the brand and is the sort of spot that, should you be the type of person into thrash metal, powerlifting and other testosterone-overdrive activities, you might pass on (or at least tell your friends about)…yet the whole concept is based around a value proposition and the end line, the strangely powerful “less than $18 per pound” talks pure price.

When was the last time a price spot made an emotional connection with the target?


2 responses to “the baddest ass price spot i’ve ever seen

  1. Agreed. For a price spot, that’s pretty badass. Hell, I just straight-up like it.

    Side note, sorry to see Carmichael move on from the “Live By It” to the “Screw it, Let’s Ride” campaign. I thought the “Live” work was some of the best stuff they’ve done in years.

    Side-side note, you’re a Minneapolis guy. Hoped you might comment on the sad events that recently took place at Colle McVoy.

  2. Awesome…but…baddest ass? I’m going to be in superlative hell all day now…

    bad ass…badder ass…baddest ass? bad assest?

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