park & co tilt at windmills. sorta.

If I were into that sort of thing, I would marry a small agency. I love them that much.

I love the independence, the Quixote-like feeling of continually tilting at windmills (chasing after new accounts, pitching against big, established shops, making a name for the agency in a world chock full of agencies…), and the knowledge that you’re doing it for more than the bottom line of a faceless holding company.

That love hasn’t stopped me from working at holding company-owned agencies, of course.

It happens.

Anyway, one of the most interesting thing about small agencies is how they advertise, promote and otherwise sell themselves. Agency Park & Co, “internationally renowned in the greater Phoenix area, created a YouTube video and, despite the immediate yawns about another YouTube video, it doesn’t suck:

And anyway, where do you put a video these days? That’s right. On YouTube.


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