obama’s secret (marketing) weapon

I ripped on the Obama campaign’s laughably backfiring attempt at an attack ad on John McCain a few days back, but in the spirit of advertising-focused non-partisanship that characterizes this blog, I did want to bring up a potential marketing masterstroke that could save the faltering Obama from defeat.

The masterstroke?

That much-maligned 3am text message to announce Joe Biden as his vice presidential pick.

Though the McCain bounce may prove to be a convention-fired and Palin-powered temporary boost, should the race stay as tight as it currently is up to election day that text message could come in handy…because Obama has one heck of a database of likely voters that it can reach out to via text message of phone call.

Oh, and the database is already sorted by area code. So the Obama campaign can send out get out the vote messages targeted by district that could boost turnout on election day.

And in a tight race, that could be critical.


2 responses to “obama’s secret (marketing) weapon

  1. Bingo.

  2. You really think Obama needs to send out a text message to the people that have actually signed up to remind them to vote and remind their friends, family and anyone else they come in contact with to vote?

    It’s like signing up for a Budweiser program and then months later getting a text to remind me to drink.

    Yeah, thanks A-B, got it. Maybe not the best metaphor, but you catch my drift.

    Provide some value to the people who’ve signed up, especially after the Biden text message fiasco, and you can grow that audience to convert more potential voters into Obama-tics.

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