announcing the (a) list of top ad blogs

I have a problem with the AdAge Power 150 list of top advertising bloggers. The list is crap.

The general idea behind it is a good; the problem is that the execution of the idea falls far short and instead of being a nice tool to be able to find top-drawer ad blogs with well written, interesting and regularly updated content about advertising it has become a mish-mash of SEO whores, PR, marketing and other blogs with a smattering of blogs about advertising.

I want a place that captures the top advertising blogs. And only the top advertising blogs.

A more philosophical problem with the Power 150 list is its crude ranking system, which is rightly skewed by Tribble Ad Agency. Beyond the fact that it doesn’t work, since when was traffic and incoming links a major determinant of quality? Oh, right. It isn’t.

I want the top blogs chosen based on quality of content, not traffic or SEO-manipulatable things like incoming links.

The Power 150 reads like the average blogroll…there is just a whole ton of rough that I have to wade through for every diamond that’s stuck in there. Why just list the name of the blog? Especially on the Power 150 when the blog could be a place to post all of the ads from Europe, or a dead link or a PR blog or any number of random sites that I don’t want to go to.

I want a list that actually tells me the what and the why about what is listed.

I could go on and on, as I am sure that the regular reader already knows…but instead of continuing to complain that there is nothing out there that meets my needs, I did something about it. I lit a match instead of cursing the darkness (and before it burns out I think that we should all hug and sing kumbaya).

What did I do?

I made my own damn list.


One response to “announcing the (a) list of top ad blogs

  1. I AGREE! there was nothing in the list but SEO hogs that seem like they never run out of ways to try and peddle crap.

    i like your content here too,

    there should be more creative idea bouncing. i would definitely participate if not where should i go to see if i fit a creative mold of some sort, with ads?

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