concept? arnell needs no stinking concept

I remember watching the first Life Water commercial at the Super Bowl. You may remember it too, it was the one with supermodel Naomi Campbell and the animated geckos doing the Thriller dance (a dance, by the way, that The Pretty Account Supervisor and I are determined to learn by the first snowfall).

It was not the best ad ever made.

But I wrote off its utter lack of concept or idea as part and parcel of the Super Bowl dog and pony show that so often values high production value and memorable tune over deeper thinking. I decided to give The Arnell Group a chance to redeem themselves before officially disliking the campaign.

Granted, they didn’t know and probably don’t care that I was giving them a second chance, but that is still no reason to create this:

Beyond its facile use of a beautiful woman and some animation, there is nothing to this ad. Not an ounce of thought, not a spot of branding, not the hint of strategy.

As far as I can tell, the primary message of the spot is:

Lizard infestations are not something to prompt so prosaic a response as a call to the Orkin man, but rather dancing with abandon. That response will make the lizards your friends, which is awesome because then they can pull out their lizard instruments and create some music so you’re not just dancing by yourself like a crazy person.

Arnell, hear me now! Just having a supermodel holding your product while some animated amphibians play music does not a good ad make.

Please do a little thinking and return to the drawing board. Your ad is embarrassing.


4 responses to “concept? arnell needs no stinking concept

  1. The spots sorta make sense in context with the online videos at

  2. The spot was number one for many reasons, I am sure has increased the revenue and buzz for the brand name. So if you look up he definition of advertising it has done the job and continues to do so. Maybe you should watch it again and also check the stock market as Pepsi is destroying coke one day at a time thanks to Arnell’s ad campaign. I am no Ad guy but the campaign is surely helping my stock portfolio.


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  4. I find it hilarious that Arnell has his interns commenting on this blog to try to defend this shit-tastic ad.

    I saw it and hated it as well, and all that really needs to be known is that SoBe is having difficulty distinguishing their brand, and the CG-gecko commercials were pulled from the airwaves relatively quickly.

    These Lifewater ads are yet another colossal flop from Arnell, and the beginning of the magnificent maelstrom of failure that has been pouring out of his company in the last 12 months.

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