lego builds some good print ads

I like copy. I like copy a whole heck of a lot, and not just because of its professional implications in my life…but most of all, and I don’t care how hacky and “look at me answering questions on my first interview at an ad agency” it sounds, but I like good ideas more than anything specifically copy or art driven. And ideally, I like good ideas simply executed.

Like this oldie-but-a-goodie campaign from Lego:

It fits the brand perfectly. It brings to life the product memorably. And it does so without any tricks or complicated devices or reliance on production.

It just works.


4 responses to “lego builds some good print ads

  1. Wow. That campaign is perfect! I love it – wish I had thought of it, because I definitely relate! Makes me want to go out and play with lego’s all weekend. sigh I’ll have to settle for the slinky someone put on my desk.

  2. The shadow thing has been done to death but here it works with the idea of imagination.

  3. @ BG – I know, the shadow isn’t the most original of devices but after a day of looking at ads that relied on their complicated design or wordy copy to carry them, I just needed to cleanse with a simply executed ad that had a good, solid idea at its base.

    Plus, Legos make me think of happier, simpler days.

  4. love it. brings back all my fondest childhood memories.

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