mentoring a young account exec

At the House of Biz we have a sort-of mentorship program that partners people who have been here a while with people who haven’t. It’s kind of nice, it’s cross-discipline and it has so far been a good way to get people to know each other and into the company culture that isn’t anymore forced than any other corporate program.

Earlier this week I was partnered with an AAE.

He was hired right out of school, has been here for a few weeks, seems like a really nice guy on a personal level…and reminds me every day just how far I have come since my first job.

Just a few weeks out of school I was a complete disaster at my job.

He seems marginally better than that.

He does have some good insight into how an ad agency works…we were talking over lunch today about some of the projects he was working on and how he was finding working through the agency and process and all that. He noted that it took a long time. And that creatives did not like to review logo placement for brand correctness on added value materials. And that he could more quickly and easily just check that and get client approval if he skipped creative altogether.

Creatives everywhere, I am sure, secretly wish that they would no longer be bothered by pesky requests like this while at the same time feeling aggrieved that someone would even think to bypass them or ding them for taking their sweet time to review something as insignificant as added value creative pieces.

And by creatives everywhere, of course, I mean me.

We had a long talk about why that sort of review is important, how to build in the time to navigate those waters, some tips to get what you want from people at the agency, insight into specific personalities, etc and so on (and on and on and on).

I just got back to my desk and I need a nap.


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