reactions to crispin’s microsoft work

After a nice Sunday of doing Sunday things, errands and a haircut and things like that, I get back to the Official Apartment of the Biz to see that my roommate and some of her friends have sat themselves immediately in front of the television to watch the Video Music Awards on MTV. Needless to say, this was unexpected.

After a crack or two about Kurt Loder and Kennedy, I sit down to watch it.

And just as I am about to get up and walk away – about two minutes in to my watching, after seeing Katie Perry and Miley Cyrus compete for the Dumbest Starlet Conversation Captured on Television Award – on comes Crispin, Porter + Bogusky’s new spot for Microsoft:

Some of the comments that were heard from the group:

– That is awful

– I bet Crispin shot like 50 of those and they’ll build them up just like the Mac vs PC ads were built up

– But I liked Mac vs PC from the beginning

– Crispin was hot shit when they had like only Mini and Burger King

– Bill Gates looks surprisingly likable

– He is as cheap as my Dad…only he has more money that all of Europe

– It doesn’t make me want a PC

– Maybe they should spend their marketing budget on making their computers better instead of bankrolling Apple knockoff commercials


2 responses to “reactions to crispin’s microsoft work

  1. I don’t know, it is growing on me.

    The best part is (badly paraphrasing):
    Jerry: Is this your toe?
    Bill: No.
    Jerry: Then what is it?
    Bill: Leather

    The face Bill makes is hilarious.

    Other than that the commercial isn’t funny.

  2. It’s a likable little film. Better than most ads on TV.

    But it kinda falls flat on the little issue of making a point.

    We can only assume that part is going to happen online or something.

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