14 responses to “the pretty ae drives things into a ditch

  1. ouch.
    If she made out with you it means she probably isn’t really sure about her current relationship. Maybe moving in with her boyfriend scared her and she isn’t ready for that ‘serious’ of a commitment.

    Now they’ll probably break up.

    It wasn’t your fault but I don’t see any relationship between you too.

    or maybe you will get married and have lots of babies.

  2. ohh wait, I didn’t read her last line…

    this is a tough one. is she pretty enough to go through all this drama?

  3. “I doubt she was giving you the stink eye. That’s just how her face looks.”

  4. I think I speak for all of your readers when I say, you should keep seeing her.

    -goes to get popcorn-

  5. Damn! This is better than boring, shitty-ass advertising news all those other ad blogs bore us with:-)

  6. i think i speak for many when i borrow a phrase from Anaiis…

    “omg. omg! omfg!”

    sucks, bro. me, i’d run like hell from that drama, but you may want to assess your potential to further be an asshole, since you’ve kind of been made into one already.

  7. Wow. She gives chicks a bad name… potentially the kind that keeps stalking you years after you ditch her.

    If things went at all well with the Acct Sup, let crazy go. If not, keep it for pure entertainment value… but keep it as such.

  8. F-ing great story

  9. Amigo-
    Aren’t you worried the girl will find out you posted her mash note, tie it to you, and go fight club on your ass?

  10. SRP,

    Me thinks it’s fake. This is a bit too much info to put out there.

  11. @ Chris – it’s real…very real…sadly, unfortunately, I still can’t believe it happened real.

    @SRP – i’m not concerned about repercussions because for her to get publicly upset, she’s have to admit to all of the above. i’m not sure she’s ready for that yet.

  12. Minnesota nice work

    Obviously she’s not trustworthy and a little stalker-ish.

    Avoid. (Though it sounds like you’re leaning this way.)

  13. Dude – RUN.

    I had this exact situation happen to me 10 years ago. I fell hard for her. She broke up with her presumed fiancee for me.

    But the entire time, we had to fight the “No, really, we’re just friends. Nothing has happened between us.” thing.

    Then when we finally DID get together, we still had to keep it semi-quiet so that people didn’t think she had cheated way back when she and the ex were together.

    And then a while after that, she broke up with me for a nice Jewish boy that her mom liked.

    In short, she was in a crappy relationship and wanted someone to pay attention to her (that was me) until she found someone better.

    As I said. RUN.

  14. I agree with Matt M – RUN, very very fast and NEVER look back.

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