vw still hasn’t killed the awful das auto campaign

There are people out there who, like crabs in a bucket, just want to pull Crispin, Porter + Bogusky down just because they have been successful. I am not one of them.

But when I see that Volkswagen is still running the shockingly awful Das Auto campaign with “Max” the original Beetle from the 60s I get upset. Upset at Crispin.

Because this campaign is awful and each ad just gets worse:


6 responses to “vw still hasn’t killed the awful das auto campaign

  1. It’s landed in that pool of commercials that I must turn the channel immediately when I catch a glimpse.

  2. I think there funny. Owned a Beetle a long time ago. Thinking about ditching my 540i and buying a new VW.

  3. And it’s getting worse as they awkwardly cram in the stupid Beetle as a sign-off. And yes, I’ve owned 2 (original) Beetles and loved them.

  4. What are your thoughts on the latest edition of the campaign dubbed “Routan Boom” with Brooke Shields?

    and the supplemental website: http://routanboom.com/

  5. I’ve just viewed the embeded clip in this page (with D.H/hoff) and found it entertaining. Your extreme response just goes to show how subjective it all is.
    I’m male 32yrs old and intending to buy a Golf as my next car, so i’d say i’m target demographic.

  6. @ Random visitor – There are often ads that I don’t like on a personal reaction level but can understand based on the strategy or the target or what have you. This is not one of those.

    First, the reliance on borrowed interest is weak and very un-VW. Whatever happened to the semi-subversive brand that thought small and wanted drivers?

    Second, why personalize an old VW that much of the target doesn’t recognize and, even if they did, don’t identify with? I know that it is a branding device, but what does it say? That VW used to make cars that were revolutionary but now…makes cars that David Hasselhoff likes?

    Third, while I appreciate that these are not just running footage compliations, my post on the Subaru WRX ad “Buy stock in rubber” shows that those can be done right with some application. Plus, they show me some sheet metal. And are on brand. And don’t make me want to tear my eyes out.

    So…yeah. That’s why I don’t like the ads.

    Not that extreme when you think about it beyond the superficial (oh, and I hate the ads for superficial reasons too).

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