there are times when i hate my job

I love my job. At least theoretically, and by that I mean that when I logically think about what kind of job I could get that would allow me the creative freedom, ability to do fun work, opportunity to drink as much in a sanctioned work event, turn up to work dressed like a bum and play putt-putt in the office I can’t think of anything that is legal. So theoretically, because there is nothing comparable, I love my job.

But it can be fucking painful at times.

Currently, I am working on a project that is of interest to both our ECD and our CD (though, at a larger agency, he is more the equivalent of a GCD) Bozo the Clown…and the two of them passionately disagree with each other on a number of fundamental issues.

They know that they deeply disagree. They joke about their competing visions. They each spend time during creative reviews to separately tell me to do things that, when I have a creative review with the other, are immediately contradicted. I have been waffling between the two visions with no middle ground in sight that would please both and not be hacky for over two weeks.

I want to shoot myself in the face.


One response to “there are times when i hate my job

  1. Minnesota nice work

    Would it be possible to have a chat about “productivity” with them? Because what they’re doing does not sound very efficient or productive.

    I.E. “I am more than happy to spend my nights and weekends running around the barn for you two dumbasses who can’t make up your mind, but how is this helping us do good work and make money?” (You may want to say it nicer than that.)

    If you talk to them, make sure it’s not about you or the quality of their feedback, it’s about efficiency. That’s how I have handled that kind of situation in the past.

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