3 responses to “gsd&m’s rough week and new popeye’s work

  1. Fast Food advertising is notoriously uncreative? Um, what about BK and Dunkin’ Donuts? McDonald’s only started producing uncreative work in the past 5 years, and they still run an occasional outdoor billboard that nabs major awards. If you ever go out to McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, you’ll see shelves of awards that rival the collections of the top ad agencies. Crispin has done some funny work for Domino’s. Pizza Hut used to do great work, albeit many years ago. Ditto Taco Bell. The only fast feeders who consistently do uncreative work are Wendy’s, Subway and Popeye’s. This Popeye’s campaign is total dogshit. The restaurant seems to have a predominately Black audience. They ought to just give the account to a Black agency and be done with it. This commercial you posted is about as lame as it gets.

  2. What an angry, angry man that HighJive.

  3. A good job? What? Is it opposite day?

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