investment advice from carmichael lynch

I was watching the X Games back when they were actually on (for no other reason than that they were on television which happens sometimes, okay) and saw an ad for Subaru that had as good a line as I have seen in a while:

Sure the ad looks like it was cobbled together from some running footage, but it’s hard to ding them for it because I understand how budgets can be tight and you have to make do with what you have. And boy did Carmichael Lynch with a spot that not only looks like it had a concept from the beginning (even though, again, it is clearly only track footage) but hits hard with the payoff line.

Buy stock in rubber.


I know that I can be hard on car advertising (and that car advertising can be hard on me…let’s be honest, a great deal of it is total crap), but when good work is done, good work is done. Enough said.


4 responses to “investment advice from carmichael lynch

  1. It is a good line.
    Man, do I wish it were on the back of a new Porsche commercial.
    An Imprezza? No.

  2. It did seem like overpromising until I looked up some specs on the Impreza WRX…and the car is pretty much a street-legal rally car.

    265 horsepower and a 5.4 0-60 time mean that even Jalopnik thinks it’s a screamer.

    It would be a great line for Porsche, but it’s not out of place here…if it were that would have been a different post.

  3. Agreed.

    This line makes sense with the WRX.

    I realize the more affluent BMW/Porsche crowd would scoff at the notion, but the WRX is a rally car. And a really good one at that.

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