colle + mcvoy brings you the styles of yesteryear

It’s that time of year again I hear…back to school time. Of course, since I left school long ago and don’t have any kids the only way that I know this is by watching the advertising.

Minneapolis shop Colle + McVoy, who boast swanky new digs in the city’s warehouse district, are out with a new campaign for Taubman Malls based around, you guessed it, back to school. Continuing the trend they set with their recent work, they have built a pretty fun website, Yearbook Yourself, that lets you upload a picture and see how your yearbook photo would have evolved over the decades had you been hip to the latest trends.

Instead of my own photo, I chose Bob Garfield’s. Why not?

He’s not a bad looking cat.

I have been a big fan of Colle + McVoy’s recent interactive work and in many ways this follows suit. The design is solid, the animation quick to load and to run and the piece is interactive and surprisingly fun.

The meat of the campaign was in-mall signage and displays that showed the trends of today and which stores to find them in, so my comments on the site may be a bit nitpicky, but for the online piece I just didn’t get it right away. It demanded that I upload and adjust my picture before I got to a mall drop down and even then I didn’t really see the connection until, on a lark, I chose to click one of the store links next to the picture image and found myself in a mall locator.

Cool linking and a good idea, but it took a while to understand just what was going on.

Far be it from me to ask any agency to make the logo bigger, and this is a tough assignment since you are being asked to bring geographically different malls together under one roof and yet still make them relevant to the user, but I wouldn’t have minded a bit more explanation of just what was going on.

Even though I did have a lot of fun in the end.


One response to “colle + mcvoy brings you the styles of yesteryear

  1. I heard a radio spot for this involving a mall in michigan. i didn’t get the connection, but the yearbook thing is cool enough.

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