seth macfarlane animates the king

I guess that whole Subway thing didn’t work out…maybe Seth MacFarlane just got sick and tired of drawing fat Peter Griffin slavering over the tasteless processed meats and cardboard cheeses that Subway puts in their so-called sandwiches.

Either way, he’s working for a new fast food company these days.

He’s working for the king. Burger King, that is. Though numbers weren’t released, you can be sure that Burger King paid him a lot of money to animate The King in a series of spots that will run before MacFarlane’s new online show, the catchily named “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.”

The MacFarlane-animated series of three ads will run as “preroll” ads in front of the “Cavalcade” clips and is a great example of how doing ads just isn’t considered selling out anymore.

“Cavalcade” is distributed exclusively through Google (though YouTube will have a dedicated page), served through its AdSense program, serving targeted websites with streaming video of an episode instead of a typical banner ad.

Burger King is along for the ride, and is doing it in a way that is as close to total integration with the show while still being separate.

It’s a fantastic idea…and about time, too. Crispin, Porter + Bogusky had been relatively quiet after taking the interactive portion of the account from struggling VML (not to mention that they hadn’t really hit any creative home runs on any of their brands recently)…this puts paid to rumors that the agency was too stretched to churn out their traditional level of work.

This is a great idea, a short lesson it what it means to do truly 360 cross-functional work.

Final thought: Maybe that’s why MacFarlane told Subway to shove it…they and their hack-tastic shop MMB, Boston just aren’t able to think outside their silos. Or maybe they’re just not able to think in general (

One response to “seth macfarlane animates the king

  1. I hope the BK spots are actually funny. Those cringe-inducing Subway ads made me ashamed to be a Family Guy fan.

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