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Batman has always been my favorite superhero because, unlike other superheroes, he was pretty much a regular guy (albeit a fantastically rich, handsome and athletic scion of a famous family) who put his brain to work on fighting crime. It just felt more realistic than Superman and kryptonite or the physics-be-damned Spiderman and his limitless web-spinning.

And then, after a recent spate of emails from people trying to guess who I was, I realized that Batman was as unrealistic as the rest. There is just no way he could jump around in a cape and a half-covered face and have nobody figure out who he is.

He would give in and tell people just because he was embarrassed at who he was mistaken for.

Or, in my case, because he was embarrassed at being mistaken for those whose achievements outshine mine.

Of all of the guesses I have gotten recently, here are my favorites:

5. Roberto Lastra, Fallon

4. Jason Hoff, Cliff Freeman

3. Anna Stassen, Fallon

2. Greg Hunter, Mother

1. David Lubars, BBDO

I am no caped crusader, but I have been mistaken for David Lubars (and it would be funny if a guy like Lubars took a little creative catharsis out of a blog like this with its wistful pining over pretty account execs and gentle ribbing of competitive agencies). The best part is that the guy who mistook me for Lubars was a guy a knew…and thought really highly of.

I wonder if he knew it was me and was just being flattering…


8 responses to “the real daily ad biz

  1. Ohh bravo – I see what you’re doing here… You’re really batman disguised at a mild-mannered anonymous advertising blogger.

    It is the perfect disguise. You’re secrete is safe with me.

    On a side note: I never really liked any superheroes. I was a G.I. Joe and Pete and Pete fan.

  2. Haha – there is one ad that I have been trying to find for a long time…it ran years ago and I forget for which brand, but it featured a quarterback who got hit really hard in a football game and didn’t know who or where he was and when the coach asked said “I am batman.”

    It was a pop culture hit with my friends and I…and I remember it even though I haven’t seen the ad for years and can’t find it on YouTube.

  3. Does this revelation mean that your infatuation with pretty ae’s will change to Catwoman?

  4. Dawn Tinsley – I think every bloke in here has woken up at the crack of Dawn.

    Daily – when are you going to talk about your date from the weekend?

    Also, that ‘SnapShot’ crap that shows the webpage when you mouse over links is still up. It is driving me crazy! CRAZY!

  5. The commercial’s a Snickers spot from way pre-Lubars BBDO.

    But it’s OK, we all know you’re really Bob Garfield. Your smoke screens fool no one!

  6. James Feess – You can disable the SnapShots. Mouse over a link, in the upper right corner mouse over the wheel next to the magnifying glass. You should see “option” and “disable”. Click disable and set what options you want.

  7. Being mistaken for David Lubars is nothing to be proud of… unless you’re also making his salary.

  8. Ha! Back in my “Toad” days, I often felt that way too- “if only they knew who I really was”– and often used the superhero metaphor myself.

    There was some freedom to it. But even more freedom — and respect– now that I’m me.

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