why thursdays?

If there is something that has never made any sense to me at any of the three shops I have worked at, it is the scheduling of agency parties on Thursday nights…it pretty much guarantees that Friday is going to be disastrously unproductive.

And everyone knows this, which leads me to ask again and again and again (as long as I can before I have to sip some soda and put my head down for a minute), why are these things scheduled for Thursday nights?

hung over

hung over

And before you tell me that I could have drank less, which I could have, the major issue for me is always that I stay out way too late because I want to see who gets drunk enough to make some bad decisions with a co-worker. Which leaves me exhausted the next day.

Though I do know the reason why the conference room near my desk is a mess this morning…


One response to “why thursdays?

  1. In college, Thursday was always the big night out. It just carries over to the professional world.

    And if it was on a Friday people would get totally smashed because there is no work the next day. Then there would be all kinds of bad decisions with co-workers.

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